About Me

About Me

Ever since my HR 'spark' was lit, I have worked as a HR professional and most recently as a HR Director.   

Through experience, I've learnt that businesses need to become more people focussed so I set up 720 People and Culture Consultancy to work with companies who want to take a different approach to work. 

  My mission is to restore the human element of work and to make the workplace have more meaning for people. 

   I work with senior leaders to support them developing, changing and growing their business through a well thought through People and Culture approach that is human focussed.  Development and Change can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar so I work on a 1-1 or group level to ensure the solutions work for your business.  I have deep knowledge of working within the design led and creative industries as well as the public sector, start up environments and large global organisations.


As a certified Coaching Professional, I work with my clients in a way that utilizes their innate knowledge to create solutions that work.  If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.


Check out my LinkedIn profile for more info about me and my experience:


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Melbourne, Australia

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