Emotional Culture Deck designed by Riders&Elephants

Do you know how your people are, or should be feeling at work?

Studies show the significant impact emotions have on how people perform tasks, how engaged and creative they are, how committed they are to their organisations, and how they make decisions.  Emotional culture influences employee satisfaction, motivation, connection, engagement, burnout, teamwork, and even ‘hard’ measures such as financial performance and absenteeism.

The Emotional Culture Deck workshops are for all organisations, regardless of the size of their team or organisation.  Who need to understand what drives and motivates the people in their organisation, but struggle to bridge the conversation gap.  The Emotional Culture Deck provides an insanely simple card-based tool for structured face-to face conversations about workplace culture, feelings, and employee experiences

What People Say

Richard, IT Technical Leader

I've very much enjoyed this evening's workshop. I can see immediately how it can help with team culture and I'm keen to explore it further.

Jill, Business Owner


The workshop really hit the mark as I am trying to figure out how to get intentional about creating a company culture

Emotional Culture Deck Workshops

These are the most common workshops but there are plenty more ways that the Deck can be used in your business.  Get in touch to discuss how it can benefit your organisation

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