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People and Culture 

Consulting on People and Culture is something that 720 specialises in; simply put I help people realise the ambition and the potential of their business. Using a human centric People and Culture approach and applying the paradigm of Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit to solve problems.

I can help you understand the way your people feel at work and the impact it is having on the performance of the business.  For more information on this click HERE.

There are times when I will advise straight out and there are times when I will question and delve deeper until you come to your own solutions.  So I can be part advisor and part coach.  Together we will co-create a plan to have exceptionally engaged employees and  a great place to work.

Leadership & Organisation Coaching

Coaching doesn’t always have to happen when there is a ‘problem to solve’.  The best organisations implement coaching as part of a culture movement to be more proactive, innovative and human focussed.  720 offers a variety of options for business coaching:

  • Board or strategic level coaching – helping the senior teams work better together thereby understanding strengths and risks, improving their decision making, creativity and success.   I also offer FACET5 personality questionnaires and feedback sessions to improve leadership awareness
  • Team and group coaching sessions

  • Developing a coaching and mentoring culture across the business to enable improved problem solving, collaboration and helping your people achieve their potential

1 - 1 Coaching

Now let’s talk about you or a member of your team.  Coaching your current and future managers and leaders is a key part of organisational development and employee engagement.  Getting the best out of yourself and your employees and helping them realise their potential drives the business to be successful. 720 can offer 1-1 coaching to you or any member of your organisation.


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