Thoughts + Feelings = Behaviours

Updated: Apr 27

So your business has a great strategy and is going full steam ahead to break into that new/exciting market, launch new products or services, expand globally through acquisitions or make a million this year (insert what ever you want). However, a few weeks in and the great strategy isn’t going at the expected pace.

I’ve heard so many times senior managers saying ‘why don’t they just get it’?

People generally don’t get up in the morning and think ‘I am not going to get it today’. The leader’s expectation v reality gap is largely due to a weakness in communicating and creating an emotional connection to work. So people are not ‘getting’ the strategy because they are not feeling it.

More often company strategies lack emotion and a human focus – if your business is only about codes and terabytes then maybe (just maybe) this is acceptable. However, somewhere along your supply and stakeholder chain there will be some human interaction and your business language and actions should speak to those humans in a way that creates a positive emotion. This is especially true of your employees and your customers/clients. There’s plenty of research stating that our thoughts, feeling and behaviours are all connected and influence one another.

So connect with the thoughts and feelings of your employees and help them understand and engage with the direction the company is going. They just might start ‘getting it’.


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