What have you learnt?

We have now been socially isolating and in partial lock down (in Australia) for 6 weeks now and last night I started to think about what I have learnt from this experience. There are so many smart arses on social media banging on about how we should be using this opportunity to develop and grow (mostly by buying a course or signing up to something) so here is what I have learnt from mostly knocking about my house - with a husband who is working from home and 2 children doing virtual schooling.

 Ø It’s ok to be in leisurewear all day. Actually it is very comfortable. On a Zoom call I change my top half and nobody is any the wiser

Ø Helping my children with their maths homework is enjoyable. I hated maths at school so to enjoy calculating the gradient of a line has caught me by surprise

Ø Building a website from scratch is a lot easier if you watch the training videos – I didn’t do this initially and lost a week of my life trying to do it on my own because I don’t like asking for help!!

Ø Zoom and Demio are great for engaging with friends, family and clients and have changed my thinking on how I go forward with my business

Ø Not wearing makeup for a month is really good for your skin

Ø I have an amazing coffee shop just around the corner from my house and their business is booming as a result of the lockdown. Their ready-made lasagne is incredible

Ø That there is a lot of stuff that I don’t miss (mostly things/possessions)

Ø That I really like working from home and being around my family

So I haven’t learnt how to be a coding genius or to speak Mandarin in 30 days but I have learnt that I can run a business virtually, I need to exercise daily, I don’t get bored easily and I am actually enjoying this moment.


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